Jim D. Duncan

Investment Advisor Representative

Jim D. Duncan is an Investment Advisor Representative with over 33 years of experience in the financial services industry.  Jim provides financial products and services to individuals.  Jim offers products and services from a variety of insurance companies, investment companies, pension companies and money managers.  Jim's focus is for his client's needs and wishes matched to the best products, the best services and the lowest expense.  Wealth Management is just one of Jim's many services.

Jim and his staff works with Business Owners and their employees.  He can help people strategize for their retirement income and help them to preserve their wealth.  He educates people on how to protect their assets, their health and their incomes.             

Jim will take the long view of life and helping people to make choices for themselves and their families.

Jim's Mission:  Is to value your goals and protect your needs through professional guidance and integrity.

Jim is the President of Benchmark Financial Services, LLC.

Phone 405-840-0028
Fax 405-840-0014