Dana Nursick

Marketing Director

Dana is the Employee Benefits Manager for Benchmark Financial Services, LLC. 

Dana helps Business Owners secure competitive employee benefits. She carefully evaluates premiums, benefits and insurance services for employers. Quality employee benefits can help boost company morale and improve productivity. Some benefits are available at minimal cost to the employer.

Besides working with Business Owners, Dana helps people with their Social Security Planning Strategies* and Medicare Planning. She will explain these Governmental Agencies to you and how to make wise choices with each.  Dana provides solutions to the gaps of Medicare benefits.  Which are: Part A, B, C, and D.  She can help you determine how to not outlive your income, how to pay for Long Term Health Care and to find affordable Home Health Care Insurance.

Dana looks for long term implications, based on short term decisions.

Dana can help you analyze your employee benefit needs and personal insurance needs.

Dana is a Licensed Agent for Life, Health and Accident products, in the State of Oklahoma.

Dana is a Board member of the Oklahoma City Health Association, were she is the recording secretary.

Dana is a member of the National Associational of Independent Financial Advisors. (NAIFA)

Dana serves as Sergeant of Arms for the Executive Women’s International Oklahoma City Board.


*Dana can provide information, but not advice related to social security benefits. Clients should seek guidance from the Social Security Administration regarding their particular situation. Social Security benefit payout rates can and will change at the sole discretion of the Social Security Administration. For more information, please consult a local Social Security Administration office, or visit www.ssa.gov.








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